Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9 - Blogging GC'12

Things are getting pretty hectic for all of us, including me.

Two Israel/Palestine resolutions come to the floor of the House of Deputies (HoD) for debate this afternoon. I support one and believe the other is ill advised. I plan to speak to one or both of these motions. The HoD passed special rules of order for this debate in this morning's session, which will limit debate to 20 minutes on each before votes are then taken on the two resolutions in succession without intervening debate.

Also, the Blessings resolution (A049) made it out of my legislative committee this morning, as we stayed well beyond the end of our session to finish considering amendments. We worked hard to accommodate as many concerns as possible, expressed by committee members who still could not in conscience vote in favor when all was said and done. We even agreed unanimously to reconsider the motion after it had already passed, because two members did not realize we had just voted on the main motion -- and they wanted still to propose amendments and to vote "no" in the end. I was heartened we did that, and I think they were grateful.

The Blessings resolution goes to the House of Bishops first, likely for their work tomorrow.

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