Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 28 - GC'15 Blogging

Last night the special legislative committee on marriage completed the initial phase of our work. The only remaining work we may need to do will arise in case either the House of Bishops or the House of Deputies amends any of the three resolutions we have sent forward.

Those resolutions follow the outline I mentioned yesterday in points 1-3.

Here is one way some survive the tedium of legislative debate in the House of Deputies:

The virtual Binder (vBinder) with all proposed legislation and other information is at her right, on and charging, and something to help maintain sanity is before her.

Here is what the final hearing of my committee looked like on Friday night from the second row of the podium:

The committee on marriage was seated at the front. In front of me on the platform are [left to right] Jack Tull (Florida), Bishop Anne Hodges-Copple (North Carolina), the Rev. Tobias Haller, BSG (New York), and Bishop Tom Ely (Vermont).

Thank you for keeping all of us here in your prayers.

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